> Antivirus for DOS is good like Antivirus for *any barely used OS*,
> because the barely used OS isn't target for viruses.

True, although you get the same effectivity by booting
a known-clean readonly CD/DVD with any OS at all for
your antivirus work :-). In addition, OSes like XP or
Linux can write NTFS and clean infected Windows better
that way. I think Avira free-av.de has a DOS boot disk
with free-for-private-use NTFS drivers somewhere, too.

> Therefore you can use it as second operating system
> and/or other boot medium (USB, CD...) and do a robust scan.

Did you already try ClamAV for DOS? I think we have both
clamscan (command line scanner) and freshclam (updates)
ported. You can also download definition files from the
homepage on www.clamav.net/ manually and copy them to DOS.


There might be newer versions than this 2/2008 compile,
but please check if the 2/2008 version supports enough
of the current definition file format already. Thanks!

>>> someone know if exist a a free UPDATED antivirus for dos?

It seems Frisk F-Prot F-Secure stopped updating signature
definition files for their DOS versions 1-2 years ago but
f-prot.com says they do offer files for DOS f-prot 3.16f?
F-Secure: ftp://ftp.f-secure.com/anti-virus/free/ (11/2007)

Roadmap: http://www.avira.com/de/support/product_lifecycle.html
NTFS4DOS: www.free-av.com/de/download/11/avira_ntfs_for_dos.html

The McAfee homepage looks as if DOS and Win9x are supported?

Can somebody test the McAfee command line scanner? Thanks :-)


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