I think a compressed file system is a good idea, for reasons mentioned  
(take your point about being bootable, or compressed, but not both)
One thing I'd like to see with a compressed file system though, (which  
is something none of the others ever did) is instead of showing  
projected free space, show me the actual free space when i do aa dir.
If the free space doesn't change after I write some smaller files to  
it that's ok, or if it reports 500K less after writing a 1.2MB file to  
it, that's ok too, I just want to see exactly how much space ther is,  
instead of someone else's idealized view of how much *could* be usable.
Otherwise, there's really not too much else to mention I guess.
I for one wold be happy to test such a system, and I'm sure some of  
the embeded systems folks would be happy as well.

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