I don't want a graphical web browser at all in freedos. The 
current option does not support out of the box filtering or 
plugins comparable to what Internet Explorer and Firefox have.  
Freedos is not a system that completely insulates the hardware 
nor is it a multiuser system, so it's appropriateness for network 
applications is questionable.  Especially, considering that the 
general attitude seems to be use whatever exists for dos to 
network it, networking generally isn't attractive.  Freedos 
currently doesn't support Netware 4.11 very well where a lot 
of the netware IPX drivers, if you can find any, are designed
to be opened on a Windows system.

As far as compressed filesystems are concerned or supporting
NTFS, you are getting away from being 100% MS DOS compatible.
Freedos isn't 100% compatible yet, more reverse engineering
needs to be done to make it so.  MS-DOS 6.22 supported disk
compression, but that was a late addition to dos and it 
created a lot of problems for some dos programs.

Porting MARS netware emulator to freedos would make it far
more attractive for networking than it currently is.

The advantage of supporting NTFS is that freedos could be
used as a tool potentially to work on and repair a modern
NT based Windows system.  There are so many versions of
NTFS though, a lot of work would be involved to create
a decent implementation of NTFS for a dos based 
environment.  It makes more sense to support NTFS under
Linux as NTFS is meant for use on a multi user system.

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