My all times favorite DOS word processing program was WordPerfect 5.1,
has a very hard learning curve, but once you learn the keystrokes is
really eficient, I worked a lot with it and tested WP6.0 but was very
slow on amy 486SLC with 2 Mb Ram...

With WP you can make things like look for all ocurrences of
[NewLine][NewLine][Tab] and replace to [NewLine][Tab][Tab]  I don't
know how to do this with WinWord but by sure you can't do it without
write some VB code.

Talking about word processing

Last month I have spend some time studying documentation about ODF and
MS-OOXML file formats.  Both are very complex.  There is someone
working on a DOS visor program to support them?  I don't dream with
advanced features but extract plain text may be feasible.

Marco A. Achury

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