Hi :-)

I think WordPerfect 5.1 was a really popular word processor
for DOS, much more suited for DOS use than graphical Word
versions today...

The ODF and MS-OOXML formats are, as far as I remember, both
actually "renamed" ZIP files with several XML files inside.

I think MS-OOXML also has binary files inside for printer
settings or similar sometimes. While the full office formats
are indeed extremely complex, you can often get a quite good
idea of the text content by unzipping the XML inside which has
the focus on content, as opposed to layout etc, and then
removing all XML tags and attributes. Example:

<fancyname fancyproperty="greenish">Hello</fancyname>

...would simply be reduced to "Hello", easy to read in DOS.
Does anybody know a nice program for that for DOS? When in
doubt, you can always use the DJGPP port of GNU textutils,
for example the SED tool, to remove the XML markups... ;-)


> Last month I have spend some time studying documentation about ODF and
> MS-OOXML file formats.  Both are very complex.  There is someone
> working on a DOS visor program to support them?  I don't dream with
> advanced features but extract plain text may be feasible.

PS: I remember writing a similar "viewer" for RTF once in
Pascal, kind of crude but useful. Anybody wanna revive it?

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