> Now then, the Linux version depends on specific Linux only C
> libraries.  I need to know what the equivalent libraries are
> under Freedos and as necessary I will need to recode if the
> dos equivalent library is different.

O.K.  It looks like it depends at least on pthreads, curses, termios,
and linux-specific tty devices.
Often (as is the case with curses), linux C libraries are available
under FreeDOS with DJGPP; they are the same libraries, just
re-compiled (DJGPP has a fairly POSIX-compatible c-library, it is
somewhat comparable to cygwin on Windows..
Curses is easy, pdcurses is available for 16-bit or 32-bit DOS.  Also
ncurses is available for DJGPP.  If you plan on implementing it with
GEM, you would likely want to replace the parts that depend on curses
with GEM-equivalent functions (curses does all of the
If you plan on a 32-bit port (GEM has djgpp bindings IIRC), termios is
available in the c-library to manipulate the screen and also there are
pthreads libraries available for djgpp.  But if termios is used to
manipulate the serial ports as well, you would need to implement a
file-system extention (see
http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/doc/libc/libc_321.html for a description)
to handle serial devices as well as screen devices (and maybe also
create your own termios interface to serial ports).  The file-system
extention would probably suffice to access linux-specific tty devices.
If you plan on a 16-bit port, pthreads (a multi-threading library),
would be a challenge to implement (but likely possible), and termios
would be possible to implement, but I don't think there exists a
termios-compatible library for 16-bit DOS.
termios probably wouldn't be too difficult to implement for 16-bit
DOS.  Accesses to linux-specific tty devies would have to be replaced
with DOS-equivalent functionality.

Overall, it's a decently-sized job.  Plus if you don't know how to
write GEM applications, you would have to learn that as well.

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