Eric Auer schrieb:
> Hi Michael,
>> I have created a wikipage which describes how you can install FreeDOS on
>> NTFS with permanent and full read and write access. It's not directly
>> installed on NTFS, but inside an raw image. There is no need to change
>> the partition table or the bootsector.
> This is a bit like UMSDOS Linux distros, but with more separation
> between DOS and the host in your case: 


> Maybe you could extend the
> Wiki page to explain how DOS can get access to the NTFS drive?

Ok, I've linked to
any further help in installing NTFS DOS drivers (if really needed)
should be added there.

> In
> the current version, you only install DOS in a (writeable) disk
> image which is a flat file from the view of Vista/XP/... NTFS and
> the DOS in turn cannot see the NTFS drive either...

There are now two more sentences in the grub4dos wiki. It links now also
to a page for mounting the image file from other operating systems.


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