Hi Mateusz,

>> Ehm, no, I just installed the Freedos base. I have no clue on how to setup a
>> network. Is it easy ? I guess I should install some software, but then I'll
>> have the problem on how to put those files of Freedos. 

> I wouldn't say that it is particulary "easy", although it is not hard either 
> ;-)

http://lazybrowndog.net/freedos/ might be an interesting page for that.

> All you need is download the WatTCP package, modify the watttcp.cfg
> file to your needs (IP, subnet mask, routing, etc..), and put
> this file somewhere intoyour PATH. Then, you will have to load a
> packet driver compatible with your (virtual) NIC. I am pretty sure
> that VMware has some generic emulation for NE2000 cards, so it
> shouldn't be a problem.

You do not need WATTCP to use the network, only if you want to write
network software yourself then you would need WATTCP or WATT32. The
existing software which uses network already has WATTCP or similar
libraries built-in anyway :-).

Still you would need a WATTCP config file. Minimal wattcp.cfg:

my_ip = dhcp
netmask =
gateway =
domain_list = your.domain.com
# domain, gateway, ip, nameserver will be set via DHCP

Without using DHCP your wattcp.cfg can be for example:

my_ip =
netmask =
gateway =
domain_list = dummy.com
nameserver =

You also need in your autoexec:


> Once you do all that, you will be able to download SCP2DOS,
> and use it. Note, that having a working network installation
> will allow you also to update automagically your FreeDOS
> system using FDUPDATE ;-)

Or, maybe easier, just copy files to your DOS partition.
Most operating systems understand the FAT filesystem :-)


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