At 12:30 PM 3/31/2009, Jim Hall wrote:

>When others have asked me, I have recommended a "wait and see"
>approach. As others have pointed out, Microsoft will go after Linux
>first, so if Linux loses the fight, FreeDOS can simply remove DOSLFN
>and move on with plain non-LFN FAT. In February 2009, Microsoft filed
>a patent infringement lawsuit against TomTom based on patents related
>to FAT32 filesystem. Wait for the final outcome in that case, then
>decide based on that whether to remove DOSLFN.

Well, they settled the legal dispute apparently yesterday, with 
TomTom paying license fees as well as removing the offending code 
from its Linux kernel.
This is according to the article below also effecting future 
"upstream" Linux kernel changes...


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