At 12:59 PM 3/31/2009, Michael Reichenbach wrote:
>Ralf A. Quint schrieb:
> >> Not the programmer of DOSLFN would be sued, also probable not the
> >> hypothetical programmer for LFN in DOS-C.
> >>
> >> I think it's the distributor who would get sued and this is in this case
> >> the responsible person for the website. (Fortunally also other people
> >> are redistribution FreeDOS and/or DOSLFN but to sue does not
> >> mean that them get also automatically sued.)
> >>
> >> So programming LFN for DOS-C wouldn't make a difference. The risk to get
> >> sued is already there and not bigger because the patent is already
> >> violated so or so.
> >
> > Again, I think you are to "blauäugig" here. Two
> > times wrong doesn't make things right....
>I don't understand this sentence. What's 2 times wrong?

Sorry, looks like you are not aware of that 
saying, and I do not recall the equivalent German version.
Basically, if you are doing something the wrong 
way, it doesn't become right just because you keep doing it...

I think you are far too naive when it comes to 
the possible consequences of thinking the way you do...


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