Ralf A. Quint schrieb:
>> However, I just care about laws in my own country (and the national ones).
>> As I live in Germany I see no reason to ensure to follow all US laws (no
>> racism or whatever here, just the same way I do not ensure it for any
>> other country where I do not life).
>> It seams to me that following additionally US laws (whenever not living
>> their anyway) is demanding here as a must. There is no logical
>> derivation that it's more important to follow own laws + national laws +
>> additionally US laws. Why on earth additionally the US laws? China has
>> much more habitants and no one here seams interested whenever we break
>> some of their laws.
>> Because USA is English? No good argument because UK is also English and
>> lots of other countrys also.
>> There are also loads of theocratical states and I am sure we are
>> violating some of their laws because we don't praise their religion.
>> With all those (foreign) patents and laws I feel kinda swamped.
> With that attitude and mindset, you should seriously refrain from 
> participating in the FreeDOS project, as that "could" implicate that 
> you are adding code to the FreeDOS project that is in violation of 
> foreign laws, not only those in the USA, but in Europe as well. And 
> this would mean that the code you provide could get unexpecting users 
> in those regions of the world in trouble, not to mention that this 
> could lead to a "cease and desist" order against the project as a 
> whole, specially when seeing requests like "LFN in the kernel"...
> Even though the possibility of such consequences is not very high, it 
> still exists, and people should be so responsible to take those 
> things into account...

FreeDOS has so many contributors (it's a big distro with many
applications from outside programmers) and not all of them will have
ensured to follow all the laws in all countrys of the world.

To want to satisfy everyones needs in a nice attitude but practical

In the end the legal risks get caught on
1) the distributor of the software (He needs to ensure to follow the
laws valid to him as far this is possible and relatively. How relatively
is it to waste the whole life with reading laws and patents to get
accused later because it was wrong after best trying anyway.)
2) The downloader must also ensure that it's legal to download for him
and to follow his laws. The downloader doesn't get any trouble with
patents as he is not distributing something.


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