>> So why cant we just create a "database/table - file" that allows
>> lookup in a second area, either a file on
>> the hard drive or a separate partition. then based on the
>> file/directory "ID" and store that in the database table completely
>> separate from the FAT if we don't touch fat it should be fine. If we
>> are using a different method and system we are safe.
> In reality, though, linux filesystem drivers have been using this
> method of accessing/writing long filenames for years; if Microsoft
> were to go after an operating system, it would be linux first.  And as
> Eric pointed out to me, they seem to go more after embedded devices
> that use long filenames on FAT filesystems.  So really, I don't think
> there's anything to worry about.

I think a descript.ion file based driver to support
long file names would be a fine idea indeed :-).
And it would avoid the ugly kludgy way in which MS
stores LFN spread over multiple directory entries.


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