> Whenever theoretically someone would claim "you are violating our
> patents, stop it for we sue you" it questionable if the sabre rattle was
> already enough for the extortion and if ever a court would have the
> chance to judge.

I would stand my ground if I knew that I took the time to avoid the patent
do the work correctly.

Even if there were no help for legal funds from the Open Source Community
If I can read a manual, I could read an appeal and file it.

I see to many people tuck tail and run at the saber rattling. In the US a LLC.
would protect from any personal liability. Not that they come after
the programmers anyway.
Its the end users they go after.

I am thinking though since the GPL is a way to turn the patent system
vs itself to protect open source.
There has to be a way to also protect the liability of developers and
end users as well.
Like the licence to use the software turns the liability of the debt
to something not tied to anyone and
which owns nothing.

IDK something.

I would feel guilty if I developed something that hurt a company later on.

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