On Mar 31, 2009, at 1:52 PM, usul wrote:

> There is always another way to do it.
> "receiving a long file name in a long file name format;
> storing the received long file name in a first file entry of the tree
> structure along with a file storage indicator indicating the location
> of the file in the memory;
> automatically generating a short file name in a short file name  
> format; and
> storing the generated short file name in a second file entry of the
> tree structure along with the file storage indicator indicating the
> location of the file in the memory, the second file entry being
> different from the first file entry; and "
> now I dont understand legalees but I speak geek
> this is talking about storing values in tree, I am assuming thats is
> in the FAT itself
> So why cant we just create a "database/table - file" that allows
> lookup in a second area, either a file on
> the hard drive or a separate partition. then based on the
> file/directory "ID" and store that in the database table completely
> separate from the FAT if we don't touch fat it should be fine. If we
> are using a different method and system we are safe.
> in that database/table we could also add fields for whatever we want.
> could even extend it to give linux like attributes.
> to help with porting etc
> then in the kernal FAT code go lookup values in that table "intercept"
> calls and redirect them to and from our storage.
> instead of FAT. if we need to sync them make that a separate TSR and
> keep it out of the Kernel.
> same result different method.
> I could be way off base here not knowing DOS programming nor
> legaleese. But still different method and system
> is still different.
> I would expect this type of thinking to defeat the patent.

This is basically what the file descript.ion used by the command.com  
replacement 4dos does, and it worked just fine, so yes, something like  
that could easily be done.

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