Hi Michael,

yes using HX for some Windows programs can make sense but...

> Maybe dos based Windows is dead.  So what to do those of 
> us who like some program or need some program that requires 
> a dos based version of Microsoft Windows?

They probably use Wine in Linux ;-) Sorry for this thread
getting way off-topic. There is a little bit of DOS stuff
at the bottom: Blake Stone Aliens of Gold, Wolfenstein 3D.

> None of the versions available are supported by Microsoft and
> none of the versions are Y2K compliant.

Microsoft even had a patch for the Windows 3.1 file
manager which makes the date display y2k compliant.
Note that Windows 3 has big problems with modern PC.

> There is an open source service pack for Windows 98 SE,
> but it doesn't fix everything that's wrong.

What is fixed, what not?

> One thing you lose if you have to use Windows XP is the 
> ability to run smoothly on older computer hardware.  I 
> am talking 500mhz and below...

I agree that a way to control speed in Wine and Dosemu,
for example by giving DOS / Windows apps very small time
slices, would be a nice idea. Of course you can also use
CPU-emulating systems like Bochs and VMWare, but then the
DOS / Windows apps can be actually too slow and will just
waste lots of CPU power that can be used for useful things.

> just get NT versions of whatever you want.  Great, but
> that rules out a lot of computers and...

As Bernd already said - both NT and Win98 should have about
at least Pentium 100 MHz with 32 MB RAM, not much difference.
You can also run older versions of Linux on such hardware.

> how hard would it be using opengem as a starting point to 
> support abiword or openoffice?  How about firefox?  You 
> can get the latter three programs for Linux, but maybe 
> you can't run Linux because you have a lot of dos 
> software or an older computer.  Yes you can run freedos
> under dosemu or vmware, if your computer is fast enough

Actually dosemu has low speed overhead, as it does not
emulate the CPU. It lets DOS apps run on your real CPU.
If desperate, you can even make it use your raw VGA...
On the other hand, OpenOffice and Firefox will be a big
pain to run on really old PCs on ANY operating system.

> I run freedos natively.  I have given up on trying to 
> run it under vmware.  Sometimes, I use dosbox under 
> Linux.  Nothing allows me to run command and conquer
> red alert I under Linux.

You should try dosemu in Linux, much faster than dosbox.

> So, let me start the what do you lose list:
> Command and Conquer Red Alert Windows 95 edition by Westwood Associates

According to the Wine homepage, you have to know some tricks
but Command and Conquer will actually run on newer Wine...


- go to what is c:westwood for wine, run wine explorer
  /desktop=ra,1024x768 ra95
- if you run from iso, you need a d: device link for it:
  ln -s /somewhere/redalert_cd1.iso .wine/dosdevices/d\:\:
- use www.thehandofagony.com/alex/redalert/ patch or
  use wineconfig to run ra95 in win98 compatibility mode
- use schedtool -a 0x1 -e wine ra95... to make sure that
  wine and game have affinity locked to one CPU core ;-)
- you must not use directx
- try the thipx32 dll on www.understorm.net/cnc/lan/cnc95_ra1.php
- you may have to rename your existing .wine dir to get
  a plain default setup of wine
- www.commandandconquer.com/portal/site/redalert/downloads/ has
  updates and a demo version (which is 2 GB download, ouch!)

> Internet Exporer 5 and earlier, maybe 6.

Why on earth...?

> Microsoft Office for Windows 9x.

says that the Office 95, 97 and 2002 installers work roughly, the
Office 2000 one works fine and Office 2003 / 2007 are still no-go.

On the other hand, nobody tested Office 95 for a year... Something
with Access/ODBC/SQLRemoveDriver failure...? Somebody else said that
Word and Access work while Excel and Powerpoint 95 do not...?

For Office 97, the test result says that Word, Excel and Powerpoint
97 install okay, while minimal/custom/complete install fails and
there are DDE/Access troubles...

Discussion about Office 2002 is interesting. Some kicked it to work:

Nobody managed to install Office 2003 on newest Wine, while it did
install on Wine 1.1.2, sometimes up to 1.1.9 / 1.1.16. Walkthrough:
Office 2007 seems to work with Wine 1.1.3 to 1.1.16 it seems.

lists Word versions: All from 95 to 2007 work reasonably, Word 6
only without printing and only with native OLE32 DLL. Access often
causes more problems than for example Word. 2003/2007 need 1.1.16.

> Blake Stone Aliens of Gold requires the MS-DOS 6.22 or the
> Windows 9x version.  It can run on top of Windows 9x.

Please describe in what way it fails with FreeDOS.

> Wolfenstein 3D has the same problem because...

Another post in this thread says it works in FreeDOS :-)

> It starts under Freedos, but none of the keys work.

Maybe you have USB keyboard and the game manages to
confuse or bypass your BIOS USB support for that?

> Warcraft II Battle Net edition requires Windows 95 or higher.

So-so: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=592

> Diablo II requires Windows 9x or higher

Seems to work perfectly in Wine.


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