My reply is not meant as an angry rant at all, but I would like to see this
topic go somewhere more productive.

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 5:30 PM, Michael Robinson

> I haven't gotten the positive response I had hoped for trying
> to drum up some interest in a Windows 9x replacement.

That's because this is a list for users of FreeDOS.

I feel a Windows replacement of any kind is seriously off topic for this
list, except, perhaps, to let people know that you'd like to lead the effort
or gather interested people, which you now have tried.

Maybe it doesn't make sense to replace dos based Windows.

More to the point: Maybe it doesn't make sense here and now. You might find
another group that is more up for the (huge, gargantuan) task. I and many
others here have no interest in it. If we want Windows, we run it.

> Maybe dos based Windows is dead.  So what to do those of
> us who like some program or need some program that requires
> a dos based version of Microsoft Windows?

Most of us move on. We find new programs and new favorite games. If what we
have is business data, hopefully we learn a lesson about keeping that data
in any proprietary format too.

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