> As far as I can tell, the last commit in the SVN for the project was in
> 2007, so it's either abandoned, in hiatus, or going so slowly that no
> commits have been pushed through in the last two years.

I contacted Salvo a year or so ago and he said there's still work on a new  
version which will replace the current one. Here's what he wrote me:

Salvo Isaja, 2008-05-27:
> Now proceeding with very slow pace and restarting since the very
> beginning, mainly due to licensing issues (i.e. the GPL is
> unadeguate).

[note that the GPL is the license of OSLib, not LGPL]

Reading some old mailing list archives I found, I think it's something  
about the licensing of OSLib. As previously discussed in the BTTR Software  
forum, DOS-C (The FreeDOS Kernel) possibly violates the GPL by allowing to  
load non-GPL DOS device drivers. Now in FreeDOS-32's architecture the  
native drivers and applications are linked into the kernel or something,  
so the OSLib guy said they all have to be licensed under the GPL too when  
using OSLib.


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