>> On 14-Aug-2009 21:18, Jack wrote:
>> ... But, if we are to "cook up" a new scheme to handle memory beyond
>> 4-GB, why limit it only for RAMdisk usage?   If the XMS drivers/
>> handlers support such "large" memory, EVERYBODY could use it!
> yes, as long as older programs don't use it by accident.   Guess that's
> what your extended API is for.

"You betcha, baby!"   Should not BE any "accidents", if older programs
have no-idea of the new XMS requests and command-codes!

> Was it Alain running some kind of DOS database program still?   Can't
> think of much else requiring this much memory.

How about your OWN "request" earlier today for a RAMdisk over 4-GB, which
I can "equal" in RDISK by allowing MULTIPLE 2-GB RAMdisks??   Or if Gates
& Co.'s "Gawd-AWFUL sized" data files grow much larger, how about pushing
UIDE to a 4-GB maximum cache size, which I already know how to do??   Or,
what if Alain (or others) want to have "ALL of the above" on ONE system??

> And simultaneous operations ... we're still in DOS, not modern operating
> systems.   Can't have it all :)

Oh, REALLY??   I have been running the "DeepBurner" program to "shoot" my
CD/RW masters for over two years now.   It DOES simultaneous input/output
with the disk staying-ahead of the CD/RW and always having the next block
of data ready to be written out.   It is a "Windows" program, but it runs
on EXACTLY the same computer system that I use for DOS.   Given that, and
rather than everyone "jumping through hoops" about super-extended memory,
maybe you should contact the "DeepBurner" people on the Internet, and ask
if (A) they have a DOS version or (B) they might send you their sources!!
NO reasons you must call UIDE, nor any other DOS drivers -- you can write
your OWN simultaneous I-O scheme in DOS to copy your DVDs/BluRays, and it
might take 100-MB of buffers maximum, damned well NOT 8.5-GB nor 50-GB!!!

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