Op 14-8-2009 21:18, Jack schreef:
> This would work. But, if we are to "cook up" a new scheme to handle
> memory beyond 4-GB, why limit it only for RAMdisk usage?   If the XMS
> drivers/handlers support such "large" memory, EVERYBODY could use it!
yes, as long as older programs don't use it by accident. Guess that's 
what your extended API is for.
> Most remaining DOS users/programmers, including me, have little time
> for "fun and games" in today's CRASHING world economy!    I would be
> "up for the challenge" of working with Japheth and implementing some
> sort of over-4GB XMS scheme which benefits ALL users of DOS systems,
> IF as I noted before such a scheme is REALLY necessary.   But a "fun
> and games" task, for only 1 highly-specific application like copying
> a DVD/BluRay disk, is NOT the best use of my time!
was it Alain running some kind of DOS database program still? can't 
think of much else requiring this much memory.
And simultaneous operations..we're still in DOS, not modern operating 
systems. Can't have it all :)


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