I guess there is one test that could be done...

Is it possible do run a test without any mouse driver installed? Of 
course, only if th SW is capable of keyboard-only operation.


Marcos Favero Florence de Barros escreveu:
> Hi,
> I'm an engineer and a user of DESI-III, a professional-quality
> freeware CAD from Belgium, with which I draw mechanical parts for
> a product I'm developing.
> Since I started using FreeDOS in 2007 I noticed that it was
> taking longer for DESI-III to refresh the screen -- an important
> point for CAD software, because we must zoom in and out all the
> time.
> Then a few days ago I noticed that, if the mouse is moved, the
> screen refreshes much faster. For instance, the drawing I'm
> currently working on would take 11 seconds to refresh, whereas if
> the mouse is slightly pushed in any direction while the image is
> appearing on the screen, the process takes only 2 seconds, i.e.,
> it gets *five* times faster.
> Then last night I decided to run Desi-III under MS-DOS. I
> reinstalled it in a spare hard drive, and it turned out that the
> speed difference is huge. Under MS-DOS the screen redraws so fast
> that couldn't measure the time. It must be something below 0.2
> seconds for that same drawing, so we are talking about a factor
> of *fifty* here.
> I had already written to Desi-III's author Hugo Mariā€°n about
> this. He answered:
>         It is a surprisingly story you are telling, because IMHO
>         it has nothing to do with DESI-III but with your
>         configuration.
>         [..] DESI-III only calls the mouse on demand, it doesn't
>         need to call the mouse driver when the screen is
>         refreshed someway or an other, it only calls the mouse
>         when it needs displacements or a button detection else
>         the mouse is "left alone".
> Back to FreeDOS, I did some simple testing, such as changing the
> mouse driver from CTMouse to Logitech, and changing the mouse
> itself, with no results.
> If there is any additional test that I could do, please let me
> know, and I'll report back ... after Christmas :-)
> Desi-III can be downloaded from:
>         http://users.telenet.be/desi-iii
> Regards,
> Marcos
> --------------------------------
> Marcos Favero Florence de Barros
> Sao Paulo, Brazil
> 55-19-3231-8194
> fav...@mpcnet.com.br

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