> Since I started using FreeDOS in 2007 I noticed that it was
> taking longer for DESI-III to refresh the screen -- an important
> point for CAD software, because we must zoom in and out all the time.

Nice that someone uses DESI-III with FreeDOS :-)

> Then last night I decided to run Desi-III under MS-DOS. I
> reinstalled it in a spare hard drive, and it turned out that the
> speed difference is huge. Under MS-DOS the screen redraws so fast
> that couldn't measure the time. It must be something below 0.2
> seconds for that same drawing, so we are talking about a factor 50

> Back to FreeDOS, I did some simple testing, such as changing the
> mouse driver from CTMouse to Logitech, and changing the mouse
> itself, with no results.

Very strange ...

> It is a surprisingly story you are telling, because IMHO
> it has nothing to do with DESI-III but with your configuration.

1. Try EDR-DOS
2. Reveal what EMM386 you are using (regrettably DESI-III requires EMS IIRC)
3. Other stuff (driver, TSR) present ???
4. Free more low memory (frustrating low memory wars ... I hate them)
or EMS page frame size

This is most like related to the low memory hogginess of DESI-III and
the EMS usage :-(

Of source, porting DESI-III to 32-bit DOS (WATCOM FORTRAN) would be a great
thing :-)

> Is it possible do run a test without any mouse driver installed? Of
> course, only if th SW is capable of keyboard-only operation.

IIRC you can't even exit DESI-III with the keyboard (this is a BUG ...)

~~~ wow ~~~

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