Hi Marcos,

in case you used an USB mouse with BIOS PS/2 over USB support:
Try a PS/2 mouse or a DOS USB driver instead of "BIOS legacy".

>   4. Holding down keyboard keys while screen refreshes, as
>      suggested by Larry (doc...@yahoo.com): shift, ctrl and alt
>      keys cut screen refreshing time by half. Right-hand alt key
>      is even slightly better.

Why does that make a difference?

>   5. FDAPM (FreeDOS tool for APM power management and energy
>      saving). I was loading FDAPM with option APMdos ("keep FDAPM
>      in RAM, save most energy"). By not loading it, refreshing
>      time is cut by half. Same improvement can be obtained by
>      loading it with option APMbios instead of APMdos.

Did you try FDAPM ADV:REG instead of FDAPM APMDOS? The ADV:REG
method is documented to sometimes give better performance, for
example with Novell, but save a bit less energy (no int 28 idle).

> Methods 4 and 5 are cumulative, i.e., refresh time is reduced to
> one-quarter of the original time if both are used. This is a
> substantial improvement, but still a long way away from the speed
> of MS-DOS.

How big is the difference? Does the MS kernel matter, the MS mouse
driver or both?


PS: Happy holidays to everybody :-)

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