> made an install of freedos 1.0 from bootable cd following
> screen instruction without any problem.

Nevertheless, you should update a few things: HIMEM, EMM386, CTMOUSE, ...

> Also, throw away XDMA.SYS, it shouldn't be needed and might actually cause 
> problems.

NO. XDMA 3.1 is good (3.3 is buggy).

> XDMA V3.3, 2-15-2006
> No ultraDMA controller; XDMA not loaded

Doesn't work anyway, either native (XDMA doesn't support, later
drivers do) or AHCI (later drivers don't either).

> UIDE.SYS has its same abilities built-in and caches harddisks and optical 
> drives.

Right, don't use any other HD or CD driver besides UIDE.

> I think it is a SATA-only system.

Shouldn't be critical ...

> Does it run in IDE compatibility mode or in AHCI?   I don't know.

But this IS IMPORTANT to know. None of existing DOS drivers supports AHCI.

~~~ wow ~~~

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