On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 1:05 PM, Sol-Terrasa mkfs ext4 da' Sussex
<alex.bu...@munted.org.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-04-08 at 10:48 +0200, japhethx gmail wrote:
>> The patched SVGA driver handles video output of Windows applications
>> only. My
>> guess is that for supporting DOS-based applications or TSRs one might
>> additionlly need a VESA-compliant "virtual" SVGA driver (which usually
>> have a .386 extension).
> One of my projects on my to do list was to write a device driver for
> Windows 3.1x for high resolution displays i.e. beyond 1280x1024 with 16
> million colours. Sadly I've had to abandon it due to lack of
> documentation and sources for existing device drivers.

One problem with such things - and a few did exist, back in the day -
was Windows 3's resource limitations. It had a few 64K "heaps" for
holding Windows Resources, which includes icons, window decorations
(widgets) and internal data structures. The bigger the display, the
more resources needed; also, the higher the colour depth, the more

Result, on 1280x1024 in 16M colours, after displaying the desktop &
opening Program Manager, there sometimes wasn't enough memory left to
open any apps at all.

So, really, from someone who was there and had to support the damned
thing, 17-18Y ago: you're not missing much. It looked impressive but
it was sod-all use.

If you want to get a feel for Win3-era Windows on a big desktop, use
NT3. NT 3.51 was the last and best version & was a very good OS in its
way. It was fast, stable, lean & efficient, it supported whacking
great screens without issues, it ran most Win3 apps, it had a network
stack & TCP/IP support out of the box, supported VFAT with LFNs and
NTFS and OS/2's HPFS, and was generally a pleasure to work with. You
could run Netscape 4 32-bit on it, too, for a pretty good Internet &
Web experience - for 1995.

But of course it doesn't run on DOS.

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