(Freedos-devel much?)


> It uses kernel 2039 and COUNTRY.SYS, and it more or less works ...
> except for KEYB. For some reason, every computer I try, every memory
> manager, even disabling certain things (CTmouse), it *always* dumps an
> exception when trying to load KEYB. In fact, KEYB never loads
> correctly. (Part of this was my confusion with trying to learn what
> Greek needs, 737? 869?) Whatever, but it's not even working as good as
> I previously confirmed (year ago?) with cp853 (Esperanto). I almost
> want to think it's a 2039 kernel bug, but I highly doubt it.   :-(
> XMGR, HIMEMX -> "Invalid opcode" (is that the kernel saying that???)

Probably. Could be the BIOS, but I think the kernel installs a handler.

> JEMM386 -> "Exception at CS:IP 0000:0000 ... Press Esc. to quit". I'm
> just lucky it doesn't crash the whole thing, sheesh.

It *does* crash the whole thing. You just had luck that during the crash  
it eventually encounters an invalid opcode somewhere.

> Just curious if anybody knows what's wrong, what to try next, etc. I
> think it would be nice to "demo" the i18n features of FreeDOS. (Maybe
> I should try putting the files on a more reliable medium like hard
> drive and see if that helps. I would definitely feel foolish if that
> was the solution. But anyways ....)

Could you send links to the necessary files (specific versions of KEYB,  
DISPLAY, MODE, CPIDOS, etc) to create that floppy, or to an image? I can  
try debugging it (need test cases anyway).


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