Hi Christian,

>> It uses kernel 2039 and COUNTRY.SYS, and it more or less works ...
>> except for KEYB. For some reason, every computer I try, every memory
>> manager, even disabling certain things (CTmouse), it *always* dumps an
>> exception when trying to load KEYB. In fact, KEYB never loads...

That would suggest that you got some of the syntax or maybe order of
loading things wrong - Can you try if it works with another kernel
or other keyb versions? Maybe problems are limited to some versions.

>> XMGR, HIMEMX ->  "Invalid opcode" (is that the kernel saying that???)

Yes it is but often in response to a problem caused elsewhere. I think
KEYB and related software such as DISPLAY could allocate HMA, UMB or
other related / more exotic types of memory at some point which could
then overwrite things in RAM, causing the invalid opcode. Just a guess.

>> JEMM386 ->  "Exception at CS:IP 0000:0000 ... Press Esc. to quit". I'm
>> just lucky it doesn't crash the whole thing, sheesh.

Jumping to 0:0 could mean a pointer/handler is used before being set.

> Could you send links to the necessary files (specific versions of KEYB,
> DISPLAY, MODE, CPIDOS, etc) to create that floppy, or to an image? I can
> try debugging it (need test cases anyway).

I also suggest checking our online FAQ, technotes, wiki and similar
resources for an already existing recipe of how to load country stuff.
Note that older kernels ignored country.sys files so that differed.


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