On 1/13/11, James Collins <james.collin...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> One of my goals is to set up dhcp, cause I didn't during the install. I
> would like to fool around with lynx within in freedos.

It might be easier to use a native Mac compile of Lynx. I know that's
probably not what you want to hear, but it's true.

> I have some older software like word perfect, some games etc. That I wanted
> to install.

Games are best in DOSBox, esp. when you need SoundBlaster support,
which modern soundcards don't support natively anymore. Word Perfect
probably runs there too, but again, it's probably easier to just use a
native build of something else (AbiWord, OpenOffice, KOffice).   :-/

> I really want to be able to type a: at a dos prompt and access my floppy
> drive, right now I can't burn a cd because my cd/DVD drive isn't working, I
> am going to fix it.

You can (try to) boot from USB, probably, but that still won't help if
you don't have some kind of BIOS. See
http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ .

> I know that I got dosbox to recognize my floppy drive?

DOSBox should recognize it since it just uses the host OS to access everything.

> I want to set up mTCP
> which I got to set up dhcp, and I have a folder on my Mac but don't know how
> to get it into freedos?

Mac OS X Terminal -> "man mount" ... You should be able to mount a FAT
partition from within Mac OS X (or FreeBSD). Also try "man mtools"
just in case it's installed.

> I have also copied it to a floppy, but freedos isn't recognizing my floppy 
> drive?

Did you install BootCamp? Can you?

> I guess one thing I would like to be able to do is put software into freedos
> from my Mac. I have used disk utility to partition my hard drive and I set
> up some fat space. I was originally gonna use it for freedos but then I got
> virtualbox.

BOCHS, QEMU, and VirtualBox have all been known to emulate FreeDOS to
a reasonable degree (though you need some kind of floppy disk or CD
image). It's probably your best bet while on a Mac outside of just
trying Linux + DOSEMU.

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