Quoting Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de>:

> Hi Santiago,
>> Update: I installed easily the NDIS2 drivers for my card, then the packet
>> driver wrapper. mTCP is working perfectly.
>> Right now, I am trying TCP's MS CLIENT 3.0 to connect to the SMB share
>> through TCP/IP.
> Nice! Maybe you could email a summary of how you did it?
> I mean what you installed and which config files you had
> to edit in which way to make MTCP work via NDIS etc :-)

I second that motion - I've never used NDIS and a "shim" before and  
I'd like to see how that is done.

>> The SMB share is actually a Dlink NAS, I can use NFS too, but I have to
>> install some modules before. I'll try a little more for SMB and then try
>> NFS.
> Interesting. I assume you can also access the NAS via FTP or even HTTP?
> Samba sounds okay for me, but of course the choice between MSCLIENT and
> the ported Linux Samba command line tool smbclient is not that big :-)
> Eric

If most NAS boxes do HTTP, is this the reason/motivation I need to get  
wget done?


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