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> A "REAL BUS", you say??   If so, then explain to me why, on so
> many Intel-based systems, there are so many PCI BRIDGES!!   If
> it were a "real bus", there would be only ONE bus, NOT so many
> "bridges" to yet-another set of wires for God-Knows-What!   My
> guess is that only adds cost and complexity, which an ordinary
> user like me might hope to AVOID!

No, you are wrong. PCI is a real bus and a real bus needs at bridge to
decouple the bus frequency from the core frequency. That was the main
failure of the VL-"bus" that it was hooked directly to the CPU
base-frequency. Horrible poor design.

Also PCI introduced the the PCI ID number so we poor souls had a
chance to identify the hardware. The ISA days were horrible and should
just be forgotten.

However I agree that the PC/x86 design is a POS in the first place,
but DOS depends 100% on it (and that's why most of us use Linux

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