There are so many inaccuracies and distortions in the reply that you 
sent, I'm going to assume you are just irritated or in a bad mood.

The world moves on ... it doesn't make sense to support existing 
standards forever.  You can have eternal support, or affordable prices, 
but not both.

- Modems have been supplanted by networks thousands of times faster
- Screens have more real-estate than ever and can be carried in one hand
- Most machines are SMPs on a chip
- Hard drives are measured in sizes that used to fill a data center

Most of us like this progress.  While I do enjoy tinkering with my old 
hardware, it's not usable for things that most people need to do today.

ISA buses were an abomination.  Sorry - that's the bottom line.  PCI 
bridges server a valuable purpose - to decouple segments of the extended 
bus from each other, both for clock speed and management purposes.  I 
hate to shock you even further, but the PCI bus itself has become so 
standard and ubiquitous that the virtual machines out there like KVM use 
it as an abstraction layer for defining the hardware of the virtual machine!

The move to serial (point to point) links is driven by the physical 
reality of electrical engineering - it's hard to run signals over 
parallel wires at high speeds and keep them in sync.  You can argue that 
it's not needed; the people needing to push larger and larger amounts of 
data through their systems disagree.

And as is pointed out already, ECC over a 4K sector size is more 
efficient space wise than ECC over 512 byte sectors.  In an incredibly 
cost conscious industry you can't leave that kind of space savings on 
the table.  Do you like cheap storage or 512 byte sectors?  I think we 
can live with the 4KB sectors - it's going to cause a performance hit, 
but on modern hardware we have enough to burn.

And on a final note, just because you fail to see the value in something 
for your own purposes does not mean it is without value, or 'bull'.  
Calm down a little.  You are not the only person on the list to have 
written firmware or operating systems code.


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