On 6/1/2011 5:30 PM, Ulrich Hansen wrote:
> Actually this is not really news but just a wish from my side. The
> discussion what*s part of FreeDOS 1.1 takes place since some time at
> freedos-devel. I think the developers decide, while we users should
> publish our expectations and wishes.
> So I really hope with the release of mTCP as Free Software, mTCP will
> become part of FreeDOS 1.1 as it has been already discussed in
> freedos-devel.

I have only joined the freedos-devel list recently, so I have not seen 
any of the discussion.  (I still consider myself a user primarily.)

I think the bigger question is, what does "DOS Networking" really mean.  
In its current state there really is no such thing as DOS networking:

- Most DOS networking applications do no integrate into DOS in any 
meaningful way.  The exception would be programs that provide network 
file system access via drive letter.

- Because most DOS networking programs are stand-alone applications, 
there is a great variety of applications.  You have everything from tiny 
SNTP clients to Minuet and Arachne.  You have several choice of TCP/IP 
stacks to build on.

- The packet driver interface is a reasonably good standard for 
communicating with Ethernet cards.  But there are other standards out 
there too.

- A TSR that provides networking capability seems to be the natural way 
to extend DOS.  But that approach has drawbacks.  It is hard to fit what 
everybody needs in a single TSR.

DOS networking is horribly fragmented because DOS is really network 
agnostic.  The current approach seems to be to provide a variety of 
programs and let the user decide.  Is something else planned?


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