A whining commie wrote:

> Is there a software license open source or not that DOESN'T limit you in
> some way?

Yes, see MIT, BSD, etc. Did you just get off the boat?

> Can a software license not be political?

Yes. Is this your first day on the computer? Software licenses were never
political until that communist bastard Stallman started straight-arming
people over the internet.

> What's really driving this anti-GPL commentary?

The fact the GPL is a virus masquerading as a software license. The fact the
guy behind it is a dangerous, twisted Marxist who has made his goals clear
in the so-called "Free Software Manifesto" of putting paid developers out of
work. The fact that the FSF tries to redefine the word "freedom" and hijack
it for their own nefarious purposes. I would say more, but I'm sure your
eyes are already glazed over. Wake up and smell the horseshit.

> Sure, you can't hide changes that you make to open source software under
> the GPL.  Why does the GPL exist? Simple, Microsoft is an unchallenged
> monopoly. 

You're dumber than I thought. You're a puppet, you're a pawn, you're a
lemming. Jump now, the world will be better for it.

> The only serious alternative that exists to Windows is open source
> software.

False! You're a myopic clown. You don't know shit!

> No closed source commercial endeavor can get off the ground.

Really? I guess you don't watch the stock market and I guess you really did
just get off the boat. Closed source makes the world go round, you dumb,
communist sonofabitch.

Get off your lazy, communist "I'm entitled" ass and get a job you bum!

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chose the latter. Bye!]

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