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On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 4:22 PM, Single Stage to Orbit
<alex.bu...@munted.org.uk> wrote:
> On Sat, 2011-06-04 at 15:09 -0500, Rugxulo wrote:
>> On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 10:19 AM, Single Stage to Orbit
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>> >
>> > Just a note to let you know that repeated use of VIM 7.3.46 (DOS32
>> > binary) will crash JEMMEX 5.74b if it is used. M$'s HIMEM and EMM386
>> > works perfectly with it.
>> >
>> > Any ideas or workarounds?
>> Sadly, I don't use VIM that much. I always forget. But IIRC it uses a
>> *very* old CWSDPMI (r4). Try deleting that, and see if it helps. And
>> make sure you're using "JEMMEX I=TEST X=TEST" (both).
> You were right, upgrading to v7 solved my issues!

I did (only once) email somebody (Bram?) telling him to upgrade, but
apparently he never did. So I never bothered asking over and over
again, I didn't want to be a pest. I can't remember if he ships the
actual csdpmi4b.zip file or only the .EXE. The real problem is that a
local (current directory) copy of CWSDPMI is found first instead of a
(presumably newer) system-wide one in %PATH%. Well, unless you run
with DPMI loaded all the time, which most people wisely don't do (in
pure DOS).

>> P.S. I also like VILE, but it's much weaker in syntax highlighting
>> (which is no deal breaker to me, personally, though I suspect you're
>> more particular). Just FYI, it's quite nice.
> Vi(m) rocks my world, I use it for all my development.

I like vi, it works well, and VIM is definitely more robust in some
ways than VILE (esp. syntax highlighting, though VILE does now support
some limited amount in the DOS port). In fact, news://comp.editors
seems to be mostly about VIM!! They say you can do almost anything in
VIM or GNU Emacs. And VIM seems to be more popular. I just always
forget and just use whatever I have installed, which is usually (my
fav) TDE, which is more comfortable since I've used it for years and
years. (BTW, VIM hasn't had a stripped-down 16-bit compile since 7.1,
sadly, ran out of room.)

We did get a new GNU Emacs port recently (23.3, thanks to Eli Z.), and
it claims to support 512 MB buffers now. (CWSDPMI r7 supports 4 GB.) I
haven't really tested it that far yet, only vaguely. But Emacs still
includes vi emulations (e.g. viper). It's pretty good but a fairly
huge install by default. One of these days, if I live long enough, I
will port Freemacs to a "free/libre" assembler. (You know, the entire
Freemacs package is smaller than a single "Changelog" in GNU Emacs! I
always wished GNU would include it for us 16-bit DOS users, heh, since
it's also GPL, but they probably never will, even if it didn't rely on
TASM. Oh well, I can dream, can't I?)

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