On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 2:10 PM, Bernd Blaauw <bbla...@home.nl> wrote:
> Op 7-6-2011 21:01, Mike Eriksen schreef:
> I've never managed to succesfully create & test any bootable USB flash
> disc. I'm not aware of any emulation/virtualisation software supporting
> USB booting for easy testing, and my motherboard or the USB
> partitioning/formatting software doesn't cooperate.

Your computer may be "too old" (loosely speaking) to support USB
booting. My "old" P4 doesn't either, so I have to use PLoP bootdisk
(floppy, but CD also works) to boot up the Puppy USB stick install.

VirtualBox may?? support USB booting (or at least reading) nowadays,
but I've never bothered.

> This is very offtopic for FreeDOS I guess, but what I'm looking for is
> copying Windows 7 installation files to harddisk with existing Windows 7
> on it, then put this harddisk in a new system and start installation
> from harddisk with end result of having the operating system replacing
> the previous one. No external installation medium/media involved.
> Ofcourse buying a SATA DVD drive is slightly more convenient :)

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean. I'm sure there's a
way, but I'm no Windows guru. Starting with Vista and 7, I think
you're allowed to install from USB (unlike XP which can be a pain or
even almost impossible if your CD drive is borked). Besides, even if
technically possible (most likely), if Windows detects that the
hardware has changed too much, it'll complain, but perhaps installs
are looser and/or you can just call them or enter the key or whatever.
And don't forget Linux can read/write NTFS nowadays anyways, so you
could always boot that temporarily to copy from wherever.

I also did use Fedora's liveUSB installer recently, it works with my
BIOS at least. (Of course, F15 has a persistence bug, so I jumped back
to F14. And yes I'm using DOSEMU there. So there, this is on-topic!)

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