Hi :-)

> (I know Eric promotes my "old" 2008 RUFFIDEA [three disks] sometimes,
> or even his "Brezel" mini distro, but I halfway think mine's too old
> and quirky to be generally useful, esp. nowadays. Alas. And it's just
> too hard to update properly, and I have "real life" chapping my ass,
> so that doesn't help either, heheh.)

Ruffidea is more up to date than Brezel. The latter was a proof of
concept for putting all of BASE binary (with basic docs etc even)
on less than 2 disks, with more docs on a third and some i18n tool
and similar stuff on the remaining space. Ruffidea is basically a
binary-only BASE plus lots of small freeware goodies on 2-3 disks
(with the sources as a separate zip or tarball) of which I made a
special edition with ONE 2.88 MB floppy image for CD booting etc.

Eric :-)

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