Hi Chris,

I have also had this problem several times. What I did was create a boot floppy 
with format, fdpkg and sys.
Then sys the hard drive and copy all the packages into a temporary folder and 
install them with fdpkg.
It took about 3 floppies to copy all the base packages

> It also has a PCMCIA slot in which I have a network card.  The original
> hard drive was 200 Mb but I put a 1 Gb drive in, running OnTrack Disk
> Manager to overcome the BIOS restriction.
Do you have a packet driver? You could just sys the hard drive and install wget
to download the packages from 

What BIOS do you have? I had an Epson 486 with Pheonixrom at one point and I 
was able
to use 2 GB hard disks in FreeDOS. Are you sure it isn't a MS-DOS limitation?
> I don't "need" FreeDOS on that machine, full install or otherwise.  All
> I wanted to do was take a look at FreeDOS to find out what it can do.
You might want to partition the drive to preserve your current install. Take a 
look at
fips http://www.igd.fhg.de/~aschaefe/fips/ to create a new partition to install 

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