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On 6/20/11, Chris D <chri...@fastmail.fm> wrote:
> I am having trouble installing FreeDOS on an ancient Toshiba laptop
> which has no CD drive, only a floppy.

Do you really want / need a "full" FreeDOS install? In particular,
what apps do you really want / need? Games? Development? Networking?

I don't want to say I'm an "expert" on floppies, but as far as mini
FreeDOS floppy distros go, I'm pretty used to it by now.  :-)

(I know Eric promotes my "old" 2008 RUFFIDEA [three disks] sometimes,
or even his "Brezel" mini distro, but I halfway think mine's too old
and quirky to be generally useful, esp. nowadays. Alas. And it's just
too hard to update properly, and I have "real life" chapping my ass,
so that doesn't help either, heheh.)

Anyways, please keep up posted, and let us know if we can help more

EDIT: What cpu / RAM / HD / graphics / soundcard / CD / mouse does the
laptop use (if applicable)?

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