Op 14-7-2011 5:09, Marcos Favero Florence de Barros schreef:
>      I'm now using the 32-bit 2040 kernel, because none of these
> errors has ever appeared under the previous 32-bit kernels, and
> I'm hoping they will not appear under the new one either
> [fingers crossed].
>      Any advice is welcome.

Thanks for reporting the issues you're experiencing with the FAT16 
kernels, multiple versions. Do you have a way of verifying 
file/filesystem/disk integrity outside of FreeDOS?

FreeDOS has no 32bit kernels, there's a FreeDOS32 project somewhere but 
that hasn't gotten very far yet. The 16 and 32 for FreeDOS kernels 
purely indicate what they support:
* either FAT12 and FAT16 filesystems
* or FAT12 and FAT16, but also FAT32 filesystems
(or rather partitions using these filesystems)

It's usually fine to run FAT32-enabled kernels. However that's no reason 
to have FAT16-only kernels contain certain bugs.

I've not tried FAT16 kernel and CHKDSK as you have. I've not tried using 
CHKDSK either on FAT32 drives, doubt it supports it.

Latest FreeDOS CHKDSK is 0.92
( http://users.telenet.be/imre/FreeDOS/ckdsk092.zip ).

maybe I'll find some opportunity to try and see if I can reproduce your 
issues (CHKDSK on FAT16 kernels reporting errors with files, while on 
FAT32 kernels no such issues).


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