Re: my 25-Jun-2011 gall-bladder removal, the hospital has
finally sent a $960 bill for my "co-pay" (amount not paid
by my medical insurance company).   I sent a check today.

The hospital finance lady told me there is not a discount
if I pay cash (as expected), as my bill had been adjusted
"down" thru my insurance company -- by $37,000!!   I then
asked what my total bill was:  Over $49,000 which did not
include separate bills by all doctors involved!!

If I had no medical insurance, the hospital would bill me
the full $49,000 with only a 20% discount if I paid cash,
and I know the doctors would have "Had me for lunch" too!
If they can work for 1/4 that amount if "guaranteed" pay-
ment by insurance firms, how can they "RIP OFF" uninsured
people like that??   The answer, of course, is that a lot
of uninsured folks in the U.S. do NOT pay medical bills!!
Small wonder, given the above!!   And in 2005, when I had
prostate surgery (only $18,000, a "bargain" after my June
surgery!), I asked that hospital's people why they charge
so much.   "Because we CAN charge so much"!!

I have these two SERIOUS comments for all on FD-User:

1) If you do not live in the U.S.A., visit here, and find
    yourself sick, do your BEST to get back on an airplane
    and be treated in your own countries, NOT HERE!!

2) If you do live in the U.S. and do not have any medical
    insurance, GET some, REAL QUICK!!

A $49,000 hospital bill, for only a gall-bladder removal.
One can only wonder what such U.S. WHOREHOUSES charge the
uninsured for cancer or a heart-attack!!

Jack R. Ellis

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