Thanks for this nice DOS FTP server!

I installed it under FreeDOS 1.0 in VirtualBox 4.1.4 (32 MB RAM) and 
on a real machine (Compaq Contura Aero 4/33 20MB RAM).

I then compared the performance of mTCP ftpsrv with other DOS 
FTP-servers. The competition was: EZ-NOS 2 [1], Datalight sockets ftpd 
[2], WATT32 ftpsrv32 [3] and SwsSock ftpd [4].

Client was Filezilla 3.5.1 on a MacBook Pro 2011 with OS X 10.6.8.

I transferred a mp3 song (Dylan/Cash: Girl from the North Country) 
with 8934148 bytes. The results:

Upload from Mac to DOS server

                        real machine         virtualbox
EZ-NOS 2                        75 sec.                  4 sec.
Datalight Sockets       61 sec.                  4 sec.
WATT32 ftpsrv32         21 sec.                 11 sec.
mTCP ftpsrv             24 sec.                  4 sec.
SwsSock ftpd            32 sec.                  4 sec.

Download from DOS server to Mac

                        real machine         virtualbox
EZ-NOS 2                        154 sec.                       135 sec.
Datalight Sockets        70 sec.                         4 sec.
WATT32 ftpsrv32          31 sec.                         2 sec.
mTCP ftpsrv              23 sec.                         2 sec.
SwsSock ftpd             94 sec.                        77 sec.

Datalight sockets works as TSR in the background so that may be a 
reason for its lack of speed in some tests. EZ-NOS 2 and SwsSock ftpd 
were very slow downloading the file. So I tested them a second and a 
third time, but came to the same result.

As you can see mTCP ftpsrv shows a very good performance.


[1] EZ-NOS 2 (GPL 2) is a descendant of KA9Q and has been developed by 
Ken. His site <> 
is defunct, which is a real loss for every user interested in DOS 
networking. A working mirror can be found here: 

[2] Datalight Sockets is a commercial software that enables embedded 
DOS systems to connect to the internet. A free single user version for 
non-commercial purposes can be downloaded here:

[3] WATT32 ftpsrv32 (probably GPL 2) is an example app by the WATT32 
developers and can be found here:

[4] SwsSock is cross platform networking library. It comes with the 
source code and is called freeware. Companies and other organisations 
need a license, though. I used ftpd.exe from the prebuilt DOS examples 
a bit further on the page.

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