Excellent, and you are welcome!  I am glad it is working this time 
around - I get embarrassed when I let broken code out.  Some questions:

For best performance the following should be set in the mTCP config file:

     MTU 1500

The default for the buffer sizes is 8; 16 makes it noticeably better.  
I'm assuming you can use MTU 1500 on your network - if it is pure 
Ethernet that would be safe and optimal.  FTPSRV_PACKETS_PER_POLL has a 
very low default and it could be restricting performance.  Your machine 
is fast enough so setting it to 10 should be fine.

What settings do you have at the moment, and can you try these settings 
and send me new numbers?

You are correct - Datalight Sockets is at a disadvantage because of the 
TSR approach, but you can still use your machine while it is running.  
:-)  WATT32 should have the advantage of being able to use more memory 
for buffering, but it clearly can't run on an 8088.  Most people don't 
want to use an 8088 anyway ..


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