Thanks for the suggestions. I tested mTCP ftpsrv again *) with these 

MTU 1472

Now look at the results!

Upload from Mac to DOS server

                        real machine         virtualbox
EZ-NOS 2                        75 sec.                  4 sec.
Datalight Sockets       61 sec.                  4 sec.
WATT32 ftpsrv32         21 sec.                 11 sec.
mTCP ftpsrv             15 sec.                  2 sec.
SwsSock ftpd            32 sec.                  4 sec.
PCTCP ftpsrv            60 sec.                  4 sec.

Download from DOS server to Mac

                        real machine         virtualbox
EZ-NOS 2                        154 sec.               135 sec.
Datalight Sockets        70 sec.                         4 sec.
WATT32 ftpsrv32          31 sec.                         2 sec.
mTCP ftpsrv              15 sec.                         1 sec.
SwsSock ftpd             94 sec.                        77 sec.
PCTCP ftpsrv            187 sec.                 7 sec.

I think the numbers speak for themselves. mTCP ftpsrv seems to be the 
fastest DOS FTP server ever.


*) To mention it again, the test was done by copying a 8934148 bytes 
big mp3 file. Client was Filezilla 3.5.1 on a MacBook Pro 2011 with OS 
X 10.6.8. As servers I used a FreeDOS 1.0 installation in VirtualBox 
4.1.4 (32 MB RAM) and a real machine (Compaq Contura Aero 4/33 20MB RAM).

**)  The value "FTPSRV_PACKETS_PER_POLL 10" you suggested slowed down 
the uploads to mTCP in virtualbox (7 sec. instead of 2 sec.). In 
detail the upload started, but shortly after the start paused for 3 or 
4 sec. With the value 2 there was no such delay.

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