Am 08.10.11 06:59, schrieb Marcos Favero Florence de Barros:

> FDAPM is *very* effective, but softwares must be FDAPM-aware.
> DosZip is FDAPM-aware and will typically use only 2% of CPU time,
> provided it is configured for that. Go to the Setup, System Options
> menu and chech the "Use DOS Idle Int 2Fh" checkbox.

Thanks a lot! CPU usage dropped from 100% to 4% with that setting.
I also will look into DPAKBD.

It would be really good if a helpful FreeDOS developer could add FDAPM 
awareness to more important programs in FreeDOS.

The unlimited CPU usage of FreeDOS programs running in VirtualBox is 
not a virtual or theoretical problem. It is real and it can cause real 
physical damage. My laptop was in fact overheating and shut down 

Until this is solved, people should be recommended to limit at least 
the CPU usage in VirtualBox. But even with 40 percent the laptop gets 
too warm.

Have a nice weekend!

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