Am 09.10.11 02:21, schrieb Jack:
> Absolutely NO "self respecting" computer, or computer program,
> should at-all REQUIRE using "FDAPM" or any equivalents!   What
> has happened to Industrial RESPONSIBILITY, i.e. making systems
> that RUN, WITHOUT requiring such "Band Aid" power software??!!
> In my opinion, and "laptop" OR NOT, any computer that DOES get
> too hot just "sitting there" is a HOPELESS piece of TRASH that
> should be sent back for a REFUND (if possible!), or should get
> the solution that "DOS386" voiced on this forum (in one word!)
> about my ATROCIOUS medical bills, 4 months ago:  KALASHNIKOV!!

Wasnt't this in "Tron"?

FDAPM-aware software: "Nooo! I just wanted to respect the FDAPM!"

Master Control Program: "Die, you hopeless piece of crap!"


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