On Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 2:25 AM, Ulrich Hansen <uhan...@mainz-online.de> wrote:
> It would be really good if a helpful FreeDOS developer could add FDAPM
> awareness to more important programs in FreeDOS.

I assume the shell would benefit from this the most, if not already.
Other stuff? Dunno, probably less benefit as not used as frequently.

> The unlimited CPU usage of FreeDOS programs running in VirtualBox is
> not a virtual or theoretical problem. It is real and it can cause real
> physical damage. My laptop was in fact overheating and shut down
> automatically.

Were you blocking the fan vent? Perhaps it's just one of those models
which is too power-hungry for its own good? Sadly, a lot of computers
are like that, esp. laptops, designed for ultra-modern OSes which take
a lot of juice.

There are pads / rests with electric USB fans in them you can buy, but
I'm not convinced they help much. Just make sure you don't suffocate
the airway, keep it slightly propped up, not flat on the table, and
don't block the back.

> Until this is solved, people should be recommended to limit at least
> the CPU usage in VirtualBox. But even with 40 percent the laptop gets
> too warm.

Perhaps you can manually configure your Mac OS X to "power saver"
(decrease or disable one of the cores) at those times?

There really is no perfect answer as modern hardware is just too
powerful to run without a fan. Only very rarely can you find an x86
chip that doesn't need one (e.g. some VIA models), but those aren't
usually targeted at consumers and are much slower overall.

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