Thanks! Looks like it helped!

I didn’t upgrade to kernel 2040 yet, but I’m going to do it soon.

Is it possible to download and install some beta version? I often see mentions 
of 1.1 on the internet, but there is no link to download it from, 
and I’m not brave enough to download it from unknown location.

And I also have a problem with accessing my DVD drive, maybe I’ll fix it 
myself, or ask here again in a few days if nothing helps.

Thanks again for your help.

On 19 окт. 2011, at 00:20, Rugxulo wrote:

> Hi, tocayo,  ;-)
> Just upgrade to JEMM386 first, then we'll see.
> Though I would also suggest getting kernel 2040, but I don't think
> that specifically will fix anything here.

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