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Em 18-10-2011 20:33, Rugxulo escreveu:
>> On 2 new machines (last+this month) I had problems with X=TEST, I made
>> it work with
>> this was apparently due to some periferal in UMB not detected
> Did you use "X=TEST" alone or "X=TEST I=TEST" ?? I think he was going
> for more MS-like auto-detection there, which is why it's slightly
> different handling now. (And for instance, I think one of the big
> issues with "old" EMM386 was heavily incomplete [broken?] VDS.)
> BTW, call me naive, but does that above line even give you any UMB
> space?? If not (and NOEMS), why use EMM386 at all?? (Just use XMS.)
> :-/

Other things did not work anly with XMS, among other things emm386 puts 
the machine in protected mode, this helped something...

And es, you are right, it gave me no UMB, which in that situation is 
just a minor annoyance. My program is 32 bits so it does not need much 
lower memory.

I tried but could not find a range to exclude that worked and would 
leave me some UMB :(


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