Op 17-1-2012 18:48, Jack schreef:

>> Also, FWIW, you can disable write-delay caching in SMARTDRV if you want,
>> in which case it works sort of like UIDE or LBACACHE (except that it
>> will also _natively_ work with non-INT 13h disks like USB and SCSI), but
>> at the expense of requiring more memory.
> SCSI disks are rarely seen on PCs, due to their high disk and controller
> cost.   USB disks are also rarely seen, since they are not-yet reliable,
> nor in many cases are they fast-enough to replace hard disks.   SATA/IDE
> "own" the hard-disk market and probably will for a LONG time.   So, I am
> not-at-all "bothered" by UIDE handling only Int 13h disks, especially as
> it still CAN be called by other drivers to cache THEIR disks, as well!

I wonder if the caching can be implemented in the El-Torito DOS driver. 
This driver is used for anything looking like a bootable CD, be it a 
physical bootable CD on IDE/SATA/SCSI/USB-connected controller, or a 
MEMDISK-loaded (thus in13 supporting) ISO file.

I'll do some benchmarking anyway. Copying from a virtual CD located in 
system memory, to a SHSURDRV-generated ramdisk. I'll try UIDE, CDRCACHE 
and LBACACHE. Eric suspected all of them won't have that much use.

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