Op 18-1-2012 17:11, Bret Johnson schreef:
>> I had a look at Bret's open source USB drivers, unfortunately they
>> only support Intel/Via (UHCI) controllers yet.
> True.  Working on that.

That's promising, even to see if your drivers can really make FDISK 
work. I probably should prepare a bootdisk image for you that hides all 
physical/int13 drives, then loads your USB driver, then tries to execute 
FDISK. My only way of trying UHCI driver is by running inside VMware, 
and then your driver doesn't seem to succeed due to some IRQ issue. 
Might be a VM bug for that matter.

QEMU also has USB support but can only connect devices if you run QEMU 
under Linux, which means I still can't test much as I run QEMU under 

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