> Hi Bret,

Not Bret, but I'll provide answers to 2 of your points.

> BPB CHS geometry differs - but does a disk with 4096 byte
> sectors allow CHS based access at all? I hope it does not.

you can't preclude it, it may for compatibility sake (at the int 13h 

(big big snipping)

> By the way, is the 55aa boot sector thing and similar
> flags for fsinfo and 2nd stage boot sectors on FAT32
> always at the end of the sector or rather just at the
> end of the first 512 bytes of the sector?

The latter, i.e. at the end of the first 512-byte block. Which means a PC BIOS 
can't boot normally from a medium such as a floppy with /smaller/ than 512 
bytes sectors, but /bigger/ sectors are not a problem.



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